Thursday, December 06, 2007


Cope with extremely chilly weather today by ordering, picking up from diner, and then eating at desk: cheeseburger, chocolate milkshake, and side of fries. Meal delicious, but turns to sand in mouth when against better judgement click on link on news blog that takes me to alarming story about Sumatran forests being chopped down and burned. Panic eat, and am busy shoving fries into mouth full of burger when the Contessa enters my office wrapped up as though getting ready to take horse drawn sleigh ride. Ask her if it is still cold outside. She ignores this, surveying the greasy pile in front of me. Whoa, she says, you really went whole hog! Fries too! Become very angry and ask her coldly if that is all she came by to say. She replies, No, not at all. I actually came by because I haven't seen you in forever and I miss you. Feel extraordinarily guilty and can only say, O. Also, the Contessa adds, I was wondering why you never write your blog anymore. Tell her that I have been very busy. She waves this--clearly idiotic in her view--excuse away. Feel self becoming angry again. I have been busy, I tell her, which sounds weak. Besides, I didn't even know you read the blog. She says, Yes I do. It Is Funny. Ego properly stroked, I admit to her that I've been feeling a bit at sea vis-a-vis the blog. I am no longer a secretary and I am no longer thirty-years-old nor have I been either of those things for quite some time. So it feels weird to post on a blog called TYOS. That doesn't matter she says, look at The Jesus and Mary Chain, look at Maroon 5--do those band names have anything to do with the content of the songs? Tell her that a blog is not a band and posts are not songs (certainly not, she says, shaking her head in horror, that's not what I meant at all) and that I would like to come up with a new, more apt and inspiring title. She says she will Think About It.


Blogger Heather Moore said...

I think the Contessa’s words about your blog title are very wise and should not affect the volume of your posting. After all, I am not skinny, nor am I any kind of minx, and I have as much French heritage as laToya Jackson (although I can parlez un peu).

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